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Style That Matters

Leadership is the characteristic of an individual by which it influence the working style and performance of others for a cause. 
But the way of execution for that cause differs as per individual, culture, thoughts, principles, etics , education and experience, that gives rise to new thought of various types of leadership styles to execute any set objective under given situation.
Here we would be concentrating on effect of culture on leadership styles.
As each country has its own culture, so is the leadership style applied to get collective effort of peoples to execute an objective.Here, we will be concentrating on two conceptual style of ledership styles - society-oriented and money-oriented as per my experience.
Society - oriented leaders decision and working style are inflenced by his status and cultural laws in the society by keeping in the mind of reaction due to his decision. They are somewhat introvert and avoid peoples whose thought mismatch theirs. They work ethically without hurting any one and want truth to prevail irrespective of their gain. Society-oriented leaders are good in generating respect for them from all circle of the society but ineffective in controlling their employee.
They are different from employee-oriented style as they give importance to his status and fame in the society whereas later one built relationship with the employee and has concern for them by giving empowerment also.
Money-oriented leadersí decisions are influenced by the monetary gains to them and their organization. Believe in controlling the monetary part of the activities and favors punishing people monetary for their non-performance. Always try to gain monetary without concerning others and open to interact with any one even though whose thought even missmatch with them, till they are gaining financially from relationship. 
These type of leaders donít believe in ethics but are effective in controlling their employees which makes them unpopular.

                                                                                Is Your King Worthy Enough !

Customer is king, every seller is made to think this and for whom try to innovate their products, services to look apart from competitors and convince their king to try their product and offer their prize money.
But question lies here, is he taking undue advantage of your kindeness is your cutomer is worthy enough to pamper.
As ultimate goal of any business is to reap profits and keep company going with enough working capital.
Today new thought of being choosy about their customer rather than customer choosy about them to avoid bad dept, unnecessary burden of intrest on working capital and more future credit to recover past capital invested.
As banking sector is today getting united for developing unified list of defaulters, so defaulter canít take advavtage other bank and same is with cellular operators.
This thought is also well accepted by small and middle companies which also prospect the potentiality of customer and decide whether to do business with them or not.
We have lot of examples of company who has stopped doing business rather than doing with defaulters which surprisingly helped themselves by bailing them out of recession successfully and even did healthy profit.
So checking worthiness of your customer is a new marketing tool today.


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