The deal would be the largest foreign takeover by an Indian company, and would follow Mittal Steel's $31 billion (USD) acquisition of Arcelor earlier this year.

If the deal is approved, both companies will have to issue a statement to the London Stock Exchange. The Corus union says it has no problem with Tata Steel's takeover of Corus provided there are no lay-offs. A bid proposal of 455 pence per share has been recommended by Corus - this means the Tatas would have to shell out $7.7 billion to buy Corus. Tata is interested in the takeover as it would expand its geographic reach while it would help Corus cut its high production costs. Corus was spawned by the 1999 merger of Dutch firm Hoogovens and British Steel and is the world's ninth largest steel maker, producing around 18 million tonnes per year. Its shares have risen in recent months on speculation the Anglo-Dutch group could face a takeover following the recent creation of Arcelor Mittal. That the final details were still being discussed, and a formal agreement was expected on Friday. A spokeswoman for Corus Group declined to comment on the report. The company on Tuesday confirmed it received a takeover approach from India's biggest private steel firm. Tata Steel produced more than five million tonnes in the year to March 2006 and aims to reach 7.5 million tonnes by 2008.


  Can Tatas eye on a mega global takeover? R.G. Iyer Taking our business is a usual business practice. How big companies do it in a prudent way can't be explained in a word or two. There's a need for following requisite procedures to avoid unnecessary complications in future. So, go ahead and get the takeover implemented. Systematic planning is of utmost importance. Failing to follow the required norms will lead to complications. Necessary precautions at initial stage can help a lot to execute the take over plan in a phased way. India Inc has been on an aggressive acquisition spree overseas, but here’s one that will be the mother of all takeovers if it goes through.

Tata Steel is said to be eyeing Anglo-Dutch steel producer Corus Group. Even as Tata Steel has officially denied any takeover plans, there is mounting speculation that the Tatas are in talks to acquire a majority holding in the company for anything between $8-9 billion (Rs 36,000 crore-41,000 crore).Goldman Sachs and UBS Warburg are reportedly working at raising the funds for Tata Steel. Others interested in buying out Corus are Russia’s Severstal and Ervaz. Severstal was locked in an intense battle with L N Mittal a few months ago when it bid for control of European steel giant Arcelor. That round went to Mittal. If this deal goes through in favour of the Tatas, it will mean several things. Corus is currently one of the largest steel producers in the world with 18 million tonnes of production capacity spread across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway and Belgium.

With Tata Steel’s own capacity at seven million tonnes, the combined entity could potentially be the fifth largest steel producer in the world after Nippon Steel and Posco. What’s more, in Europe, Corus is a household name. We need to consult senior financial experts to execute the takeover plan step by step. This will help to satisfy shareholders' needs.


 Today the hottest news going round in the media is the insults meted out to our actress Shilpa Shetty by her fellow inmates in the UK Reality show in the “Celebrity Big Brother” showed in Channel 4. Her house mates were allegedly called her dog, Paki, (I think she was called as Pakistani instead of Hindustani). Her inmates had also mocked at her way of talking Hinglsh instead of English and her table manners. Fortunately they had not mocked at her dress. May be she had dressed in European way instead of Hindustani way. Her Indian fans around the world felt insulted and started sending threatening emails to the channel. Immediately, our government had lodged a protest petition in the UK Embassy in India with a copy to the visiting British Chancellor of Exchequer personally by our Commerce Minister Kamal Nath. These abuses were given pet name “racism”. Millions of Indian working abroad and I bet each of the Indians in one way or the other faced these kinds of racist remarks from their employers. Did our government was not aware of this?

Did our government at any time protest against these racist remarks? If every vote valuable to a politicians to come to power, they are supposed to look into this and accept this as a general problem of Indians as a whole and not a problem faced by a celebrity actress alone. Her tears had a mass appeal than the tears of millions of Indians working abroad and who were being taunted by citizens of other countries on daily basis. Earlier I had worked under one British boss in one of the Middle East countries. He had taunted me and insulted me on different occasions. He shouted me “you bloody Indian, you Indians are dogs, you are good for nothing but snake charming etc” I accepted all the abuses in grace because I went there for a living. Most of the Indians used to these kinds of taunting everyday. But for Shilpa Shetty this had become a very big issue and a government level protest was lodged at no given time. But the irony is that still the Indian government is not aware of the millions of Indians who are facing these kinds of insults every day. I don’t think the insults to Shilpa Shetty deserve more attention than millions of common citizens. Would our government do something towards this end?

Shilpa Shetty thought of it, the show would give her substantial monetary benefits and fame and that’s why she had signed for the show. She would not have signed the contract at first if she was not aware of the clauses in the contract. If she got insults from other house mates, these insults were to be treated as personal directed to her alone and not to the country. She is an individual and a citizen of India and not Mother India. So I don’t think this was a racist remark at all. If you think these were racist remarks, then you should consider your other countrymen also who’s working abroad for monetary gain like Shilpa Shetty did. All these taunting and insults are not confined to only the British or Americans. Nearer home, it’s the order of the day. Many times my Maharashtrian friends taunted me “Madrassi” though I am an Indian like him; I came here in Mumbai for a living, so I accepted their taunting in grace. This is not a phenomenon in Maharashtra alone, wherever we go; the locals will leave no stone unturned to taunt you whenever they get an opportunity. When a Keralite goes to Tamil Nadu he will be called “Malabari”. If a Tamizhan goes to Kerala, he will be taunted as “Pandi”. If you think these insults are chauvinistic, then everybody is a racist and chauvinist. There’s no point in boiling your blood over a petty non issues. Just laugh it off, when some foreigner made comment against you. That will be best answer for him instead of going government level protest.

                                                         Mcnally Bharat Engineering company Ltd 
                                                                      Leaders In Turnkey Project

Mc Nally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd.a Indo- American is venture with McNally Pittsburg, USA in 1961 which has designed and executed more than 160 turnkey projects in the field of Bulk Material Handling, Mineral Beneficiation and Pyro Processing Plants with technology and Know how from of McNally Pittsburg and KVS of USA for providing wide range of crushing handling, blending, loading and unloading equipment.As a part of Williamson Major Group & GP Birla Group, access to other subsidiary companies engaged in manufacturing large number of equipments for the core sector, Worthington Pumps Ltd, Flender McNeill, Hindustan Motors, and Hyderabad Industries Taylor Instruments EWB-MBE International Environment. Ltd Hungary. 

The company is financially stable and having enough in house expertise to execute Material Handling Project of any size and magnitude.Mc Nally Bharat covers a wide spectrum of services including feasibility study, system design, engineering, manufacture, construction; start up commissioning and after sales services. A team of around 800 dedicated engineers and workmen have established the company as a leader in turnkey execution 
Project Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, Piping & Utilities Engineering Design &.Engineering cells are consisted with more than 100 experienced engineers, who have been trained abroad by their Foreign Associates located in Calcutta and Kumardhubi are the strength of the company. 

Mc Nally Bharat has the benefits of advance technological know and how are available with it’s Foreign Associates like Aubema, Hein Lehmann (Germany) ,Polltaker( Poland), Outomec (Finland), Sala International (Sweden), Eriez (USA), Outokumpu (Finland), Supaflo (Australia), Eroterv Waagner Biro (Hungary), Konecranes VLC (Finland) for their Bulk Material Handling, Crushing& screening plants. 

                                                              R K Electrical Industries (India ) Ltd 
                                                               Where Honesty & Dedication Prevails

R.K Electrical Industries (India) Ltd is one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of housing cables in India which was started by Late S.L Sethi, in 1959 with his brother B.R Sethi in ground floor of their house after taking retirement from the civil aviation and Navy respectively. Coupled with hard work and discipline, it did not take long for R.K Electrical to transform itself into a large enterprise and being counted among top manufacturers of quality cables under the brand name Kalinga. As a diversification start manufacturing telecommunication cables, armored and unarmored cables, FRLS, XLPE, mining cables. 
B R Sethi

Group includes Kalinga International, Kalinga cables co., Kalinga Flexibles, Hotel Kalinga Inter-contnental, and Kalinga Promoters & Developers Pvt. Ltd., Atul Aluminum Company. Company’s three manufacturing units located at Nariana & Punjabi Bagh,Delhi and one at Sonepat in Haryana with a total manufacturing capacity of 360 million meters. All product range carries ISI marking for ensuring safety while using whereas company has gone for ISO 9002 Certification to show the commitment toward quality standards to deal with customer honestly and fairly. The qualities of their products are comparable to products from countries like Japan, Korea. That’s why customers in USA, Middle East countries, like their products. 

Having the turnover above 150 crores makes them supreme in their category in terms of sales and quality of household cables. For consolidating its position entered into JV with Ichiban, Singapore, to launch 167 various electrical consumer durables in India. 
Sethis have entered into hospitality their first hotel Kalinga Inter Continental Manali, Himachal Pradesh. R.K Electrical is closely held families venture with following board of directors under the leadership of B.R Sethi ( 74 Yrs) Chairman, who call himself lucky father and head of organization with the utmost respect his son, nephews and grandson. B.B Sethi ( S/O Late S.L Sethi) – M.D, Mukesh Sethi ( Nephew of B.R. Sethi), Sanjiv Sethi & Sudhir Sethi ( Twin Son Of B. R Sethi), Kubhusan Sethi ( Nephew), Rajeev Sethi (Son), Atul Sethi ( Grandson) , MBA from Michigan American University. 


                                                                               Mamta Products 
                                                                    Cold for Hot and Hot for Cold

Acceptance in the market comes from understanding your product and customer, simple basic is adopted by K.V. Tyagi which had made his brand Orison most favored in all over India. This understanding comes from hard labour he had been doing for 18 years in the electrical industry. ORISON always maintain the Originality of product and Reliability within its quality to look Individualistic in market , for Soothing customers need with Observing all technical things and even provide New ideas to interior designer that’s how the name Orison originated. 

Soft spoken Tyagi came to Delhi after competing Electrical diploma from Mordabad (UP) after getting inducted in Sujata International where he worked for 5years then to Aristo, where he got promotion up to the position of GM in 9years and acquainted with all skills related to product development and sales management.Tyagi was always having inclination to become an entrepreneur, so he started his concern for manufacturing ceiling fans in 1998 by taking DSIDC Shed in Jhilmil Colony, Delhi then shifed for bigger manufacturing unit in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. From the beginning he has emphasised on quality and durability for which ISI has been taken for whole range of products and ISO to streamline the manufacturing process. 
The company has achieved the turn over of 3 crores within a span of 4 years with growth rate of 70%. For the varieties of products the company manufactures, have the features of all branded.. Fan,Coolers,Geysers, Heat Convector, Street Lights, Fresh Air Fan,Voltage Stablisers and Ceiling Fan. Orison products are crafted with state of art equipments and have an fully equipped laboratory as per BIS specification and quality control people are tough and tight that even single one can’t take a move just to maintain security and reliability among customers. 

The company used to participate in government tenders, moreover had not broken the faith of institutions who had trusted for its product that’s why it used to get regular business from MES, Ordinance Factory, Railways, NTPC, ONGC, CPWD, PWD, Hospitals, CRPF, BSF, Assam Rifles, All India Radio and other Govt and Semi Govt. departments as well various private institutes are also favoring his products due to trouble free performance for years. This confidence has prompted him to give individual customers a opportunity to use its products so it has started eyeing few distributors and dealers in Uttranchal, Andra Pradesh UP, and Delhi. The Company has the plan to enter into the export market of Srilanka and Middle East. Besides this, it wants to enter into the products of Lighting and related accessories and few Energy saving products in home appliances for higher end products. 


Indian manufacturers and Exporters;