Ess Ess Engineers


Luck favors with hard work

ESS ESS Engineers is one of the most aggressive industries of in Indian local markets. ESS ESS Engineers is a pioneer in manufacturing of chain plant machinery which is one of the most demanding & developing sector of the growing industry. Although market is flooded of many firms which provide same machinery but the specialty which make ESS ESS Engineers stand alone on the top is the supreme quality with in affordable rates. 

Chamkaur Singh

Chamkaur Singh, the proud owner of the ESS ESS Engineers is very hard working & honest person & always thinks to grow his business. Due to the workaholic nature of him he hardly got any free time but what ever he manages he likes to spend same with his family. ESS ESS Engineers was established by Late Sardar Swaran Singh, who started the firm in 1988, before this he was doing jobs in chain plants machinery firms. He was Production Manager in such firm. 
The main manufacturing range of ESS ESS Engineers includes Chain Plant Machinery; Knibling Machineries, Press tools, Automatic Feed Of any Power Press rim Punching Machine, and wire Flattening Plant Labour- job cut to length. Some of their popular machineries are Chain Assembly Machine, Roller Curling machine, Block Assembly machine, Bush Forming Machine, Pin Cutting Machine, Chain Reviting machine, Pin Grooving Machine, Mass Assembly, and Power Press Single action. Etc. 

The main success reasons of the firm are use of best raw material like CGI iron and heat treat plants, one year of guarantee & reasonable rates. Firm believes on the Basis the Luck do play huge role but no one can solely rely on it as it works only with combination with hard work. Firm also thinks that Government should provide some subsidy to them. Firm is exporting their products to Burma indirectly though. Some of the valued costumers of ESS ESS Engineers are Usha Tyre, Chaudhary Tyre, Metallic Engineering, Ganpati Impex and Watson Engineering etc. 

Ess Ess Engineers, 9888090587, Chamkaur Singh, Manufacture of Chain Plant Machinery, Knibling Machineries, Press Tools, Authomatic Feed of Any Power Press Rim Punching Machine & Wire Flatening Plant Labour-Job Cut to Lenth, SPM, Punjab,