Sonalika Group of Companies



Established in 1969, Sonalika group from the very beginning has tried to understand customer need so that they get better value for their money, hard earned. Sonalika has state of manufacturing, spread in acres, located at Hoshiarpur and tax free zone at AMB in Himachal Pradesh. Sonalika is the one of the top 3 tractor manufacturing companies in India, other products include of, Multi utility vehicles, engines and various farm equipments. Today the group stands tall with an approximate turnover of 3200 Core INR. An average growth of 30% makes it one of the fastest growing corporate in India. Its is also one of the few debt free companies. Group has strength of about 2000 employee & technocrats. History reveals that innovation is the key to continued progress and when applied to technology that touches human life, it can unfold a whole new economic phenomenon that has the power to change the world. With unique initiatives like the Thought leadership Forum, Leadership Forum, we have been able to create a unique platform for learning through success stories of industry leader. 

L. D. Mittal ( Chairman )

No, doubt that the sonalika products has created a niche for themselves not only in India but also in foreign market. To maintain quality have any defect even at micro level is been taken care of and rectified. The technology for Painting, which we use, is of the high quality a nd we have paint shop with world-class quality standards. The industry has gradually transformed itself into a world-class player involved in building state-of-the-art products, solutions and technologies. As an industry, we are very conscious of our responsibility to society. Sonalika Foundation intends to become a catalyst, encouraging our members to do more, capturing best practices for quality and harnessing a greater range of resources, from the industry and beyond, to make a major impact on the development. It has been our vision to cater to the needful agriculture and auto industry with quality products through untiring dedication and activities. As we step in to our fifth decade of existence, we continue to lead the development. Tractor and car plants work in 2 to 3 shifts depending upon volume of work for maximum production. We Continue to march ahead on road to success and glory driven by the force of initiative and determination to have a leading position in the tractor industry in the days to come . We have ventured in to automobile sector also with the launching of Rhino –MUV- to write another success story.  
In order to accomplish our mission, the ownership, staff, and management have gone ahead to treat each customer like a member of the family and provide them with the best choice of products and highest quality of service in the industry. Sonalika companies are manned tractor is manned by an experienced, knowledgeable sales, parts, and service staff. Each one of our staff members is committed to helping our customers find the best solutions for their needs. Companies are manned by cream of the industry and best of technocrats and service staff. We are proud of our reputation as service & solution provider and innovator in agro industries. In a time marked by rapidly changing technology, we have developed best of the best R & D team and have also developed the excellent quality control system to deliver high quality result in the industry.  

Our actions are guided by our core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. We are committed to living our values and, through doing so, building a business as great as our products. Throughout its history, our company has earned a reputation for high quality and integrity, and this has been an asset of incalculable value. We strive to live up to these expectations, not just because it is good business, but also because it is the right thing to do. Our core values are never to be compromised for immediate success. Over the years we have completed transaction in over 30 countries around the globe and are well experienced in the international market for wide variety of machinery and tractor in comfortable price and range. Sonalika is a team that has carved in itself successful entrepreneurship over the years. The Sonalika group is among the India’s leading agricultural conglomerates in the high growth sector of agro machinery, and material handling equipments and components having pioneered from mechanization in the country Sonalika has played a pivotal role in the agricultural growth of India for over five decades.  

Sonalika Group of Companies, , L. D. Mittal ( Chairman ), Manufacturer of Sonalika Tractors, Vans, Motors, Harvestor Combines, Agriculture Implements, Agriculture Equipments etc Sister concern : International Tractors Limited, International Car & Motors Ltd, Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation, International Auto Trac Finance Ltd., Punjab,