Diamond Exports

Dignity Provides Identity

Six lakh clothing processed and manufactured by 7,200 workers in twelve processing and manufacturing setup in NCR amount billing more than Rs. 100 crores in a year. All this is possible in 30 years with an investment of three thousand rupees. No Banker co 

Vijay Lata Jain

Any initiative could reap you benefits but if you know what you want achieve and what sacrifices one have to do. She is catering to big buyers from Europe for high fashion kids apparel. Value additive approach with customers and reciprocating support of  
She always takes the first move ahead of her competitors, this give her enough time for maneuvering the customer requirement, which results in involvement of her in clients, decision and plans regularly. Recently she is planning to get aggressively in US  

Always invest in best human resources apart from state of art technology. But never forget to give support when needed, thinks his son and his spouse who prefer to take empowering managers with required decision making power in day to day activities 

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